Webinar: DEHN safety products and devices for working on electrical installations

Five safety rules for installation and maintenance work, and for ARC protection

Date: 7.10.2021 at 1 PM
Price: Free of charge
Language of performance: English
Presentation material: English
Hardware Requirements: Computer or telephone for participation
Software requirements: Zoom environment

We have set aside 10 minutes for questions after the webinar. Even if the schedule is not right for you, you should still sign up. We will send the recording and presentation material to all those who have registered.


In this webinar, we will go through the safety equipment for working on electrical systems. After the webinar, you’ll be familiar with DEHN safety products and devices for working on electrical installations.

Working in and on electrical installations can be life-threatening. Especially when maintenance is carried out in power distribution plants and in the mains, the work is often carried out even when the voltage is switched on, which requires just the right and safe tools and protective equipment.

DEHN develops solutions for safe installation work. Occupational safety products and protective equipment ensure safe installation and maintenance in various locations. DEHN recommends working on the Five Safety Rules that are also presented in the webinar. The speaker, Thomas Smatloch, comes from DEHN from Germany and has an excellent knowledge of safety equipment and arc fault protection. We have reserved 10 minutes for questions after the webinar. Please register for the webinar even if the timetable is not suitable for you. We will deliver the recording after the presentation with presentation materials and short brochures of products and solutions.

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