Rockwell Automation Kinetix CIP Motion Basics

Virtuālā apmācība: Rockwell Automation Kinetix CIP Motion Basics

Time: 9.00-15.45
Price: 750 € (alv 0%)
Language: English
Material: English
Hardware requirements: Computer with internet connection. Second display and headphone microphone combo are recommended but not mandatory.
Software requirements: HTML5 compatible web browser with latest updates installed.

Klinkmann offers this one-day instructor led virtual course about Rockwell Automation Kinetix Servo Systems. This course covers the basics of Kinetix CIP Motion systems. By attending this course, you will learn how to size, commission, program and troubleshoot your Kinetix system.

Prior knowledge of Studio 5000 Logix Designer is mandatory when participating this course.

Course Topics

  • Kinetix product families
  • Concepts of Motion Controlling
  • Sizing the motion system with Motion Analyzer
  • Apply Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP
  • Configure a Motion System
  • Commission a Motion System
  • Program a Motion System
  • Troubleshoot a Motion System


Klinkmann Trainings Cancellation Policy

Notice of an intent to cancel a registration must be made in writing to Klinkmann. Training candidates whose cancellation request is received within 7 calendar days prior to the training date will incur a fee equal to 50% of the obligated fee. If a registrant does not participate in the training and no written cancellation is received prior, the full fee will be charged.

A request for a substitution of a participant must be notified in writing before the training date.

Klinkmann reserves the right to cancel and change any trainings and events. In case a course must be cancelled registrants will be informed prior to the start of the training.

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