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Borg Manufacturing

Borg Manufacturing is a leading privately-owned Australian melamine and joinery manufacturer, which prides itself on embracing leading edge innovation to drive its sustainable operations.

With over 2000 employees at 20 sites, Mike Kershaw and his team wanted to increase batch flexibility on products, while accelerating high-quality, consistent production and keeping their next-day-delivery commercial promise.

Watch how the solution he implemented with AVEVA enabled Borg to accelerate sustainable manufacturing.


  • Deliver on their promise of next-day delivery with over 7500 made-to-order products and 1200 stock items daily
  • Flexibility in batch size, with no limits on order quantities for customer
  • Integrated automation and MES system from ERP to the operations
  • Consistent automation and sustainable operations standards across all sites


  • Disparate processes across multiple manufacturing sites
  • Ease of integration into a range of hardware applications
  • Address current manual stock picking processes that were unsustainable
  • Manual reporting was hindering access to key data metrics


  • Efficiency gains of 400% as a result of the integrated MES system
  • Wastage in warehouse production has reduced from 5% to 2%
  • Improved line efficiency, increasing from 4000 to 6000 items picked per shift
  • Sustainable model for standardisation across multiple sites

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