Go remote with Ewon Flexy

Give life to all your IIoT projects and devices with Ewon Flexy. In this webinar we will show how to interface easily existing and new applications. We will also present how Kemira uses Ewon Flexy for remote business concepts.

Be safe in networking with Belden – Take care of the Cyber Security with Belden Industrial Security Solutions.

Rockwell Automation Logix 5000 perusteet koulutuksen kuva

Virtuālās apmācības: Rockwell Automation Studio 5000 Logix Designer Basics

The goal of this course is to familiarize participants to Studio 5000 programming environment. In the course you will learn how to create project, add devices to the project and most common programming tasks.

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Webinar: Cast Resin Transformers and new Ecodesign EU regulation

After the webinar, you are aware of what makes IMEFY cast resin transformers best in Europe and what it means when we speak Ecodesign EU regulations and E C F Environmental, Climatic, and Fire behaviour properties of IMEFY transformers.  

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Webinar: DEHN safety products and devices for working on electrical installations

Five safety rules for installation and maintenance work, and for ARC protection. In this webinar, we will go through the safety equipment for working on electrical systems.

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