Agility in Manufacturing, Shorten your lead times and reduce inventory

Manufacturers are challenged by the need for agility, transparency and operational efficiency – the ongoing digital transformation of manufacturing operations helps to improve productivity and effectiveness through easier access to information, higher levels of automation and starts changing the way work is done in the manufacturing plant. This transformation establishes a digital twin of the manufacturing plant which offers a platform to further optimize execution of demand which allows manufacturers to shorten their lead times, reduce inventory and improve supply chain performance.

Modern Manufacturing Execution Systems deliver that platform with agnostic connectivity to business systems, data lakes, automation, and IIoT systems to deliver the next level of benefits through predictive analytics, prescriptive planning, and scheduling. When consistently implemented across multiple sites, the digital twin of the plant becomes an enabler for agility, velocity, and traceability that can support the new business models, product, and customer engagement that digital transformation is enabling at the business level.

In this webcast, we will discuss:

  1. Why the digitalization of manufacturing operations enables business agility and supply chain performance.
  2. What defines the digital twin of a plant as a platform with edge to enterprise connectivity for production optimization to deliver the next level of benefits through predictive analytics and prescriptive planning and scheduling.
  3. How to achieve standardization of manufacturing operations towards the ERP and supply chain backbone across multiple sites
  4. How to maintain adaptability manufacturers need to continuously improve and innovate in response to changing customer preferences.

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